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About Us

Who we Are

The Village Northern Beaches was founded by Alex and Marianne, two Northern Beaches parents and advocates both with qualifications in Community Services as well as parenting program accreditation. Marianne also works as a Family Support Caseworker. The friends and colleagues felt first-hand the isolation, fear and helplessness that can happen when a young person in your care is struggling.

Then they experienced the benefits of community and support. It is now their life work to make it easier for adults to access reliable information and support when challenges present with their young people, and to promote the preservation of relationship as the basis for protection, prevention and healing.

Marianne and Alex were born and bred on the Northern Beaches and have many years of experience imperfectly but consciously raising 7 teens/young adults between them.

What We Do

The Village has been set up to help support the adults who are working or living with young people aged 12 and above, on the Northern Beaches.

There is often much disconnect between parents, carers, educators and professionals. And usually not enough sharing of helpful information and resources. Here we can all support each other and work collaboratively for the good of our young people. It is our job and anything less is not. good. enough.

The Northern Beaches is a beautiful spot with many opportunities for our kids but is not exempt from the struggles faced by adolescents in the 2020s. Issues of mental health, school can’t/school refusal, social difficulties, eating disorders, addiction, grief, LGBTQI+ challenges, trouble with the law, self harm, suicidal ideation etc are much more common than the glossy social media posts would have us believe.

Currently The Village is dedicated to:

  • Providing clear crisis action plans.
  • Manifesting a culture of compassion and support.
  • Providing clear links to local or accessible community and professional services ranging from free to private fee-paying options.
  • Providing clear links to information resources including evidence-based research on relevant topics.
  • Developing a network of support within our community.
  • Having conversations with council, other organisations and private practices on local community decisions around the health and welfare of our youth and their key adults.
  • Encouraging deep listening to our young people, through their words and actions, and working towards a collaborative response.
  • Fostering a symbiotic relationship between community, services, professionals and government.
  • Identifying community youth needs and advocating for positive systemic reform which is needed to build a better future for our youth.
  • Creating a space where needs meet solutions in an environment that promotes safety, nurture, love and healing.

It takes a village. No one can do it alone. Welcome Villagers!

Our Values

Here at The Village Northern Beaches we stand for kindness, support, humour, leaning in, reaching out, listening, inclusivity, diversity, giving options, informing, empowering & connecting.

We take a trauma-informed, child-centred, holistic approach to supporting people in crisis and will operate on the foundations of compassion, kindness, collaboration, non-judgement and support.

If you are aligned with our values a huge warm welcome. We will work together and wrap our collective arms around our youth and their immediate circles.

Our Vision

A future where no young people slip through the cracks.


Our Mission

To build a culture of safety, support, curiosity, connection and egoless information sharing with the adults who support young people in our community. To keep it real, keep it kind, keep it relevant.

Privacy & Confidentiality

The Village Northern Beaches is committed to the privacy and confidentiality of all members and contributors. Limitations of privacy and confidentiality present when there are issues of child protection, serious risk of harm or disclosure of a criminal offence.